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Rent Shipping Containers in York PA

November 11, 2020

“J&K Scrap” is a new recycling program that is part of a larger effort to make J&K’s packaging and shipping containers more reusable and sustainable. We are part of a growing movement to “regreen” the shipping industry and reduce the impact that shipping containers have on the environment. As part of this movement, we are also making it easier for our clients to reduce their reliance on shipping containers by offering a variety of reuse programs. Some of these programs include recycling bins, recyclable containers, and recycling programs. We have a long-standing commitment to recycling and helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint by recycling.

PAHomex was one of the first companies to implement a recycling program in a container rental company and the company’s success has inspired similar initiatives across the nation. Currently J&K Scrap is the largest recycler in the state of Pennsylvania and has been since 1995. “Since 2005, JK Scrap has strived to be York’s premier recycler of nonferrous and ferrous metals.” Currently we work with clients in every part of PA including York City, York County, Lackawanna County, and York, Lancaster, Erie and Warren counties. Our goal is to support our clients in creating a recycling program that is environmentally and financially responsible. We offer both a full service recycled service for our clients or a recyclable service for those who prefer not to hire a trained recycler to do the job for them.

We believe that an effective container recycling program, like ours at PAHomex, will help businesses, industries, and consumers to reduce their dependence on shipping containers. As with all types of recycling, the success of a program depends on its implementation. There are several ways you can get involved. One of the most beneficial ways to promote recycling is to educate others. Give away recycling information. This includes leaflets, postcard campaigns, etc. Postcards and other information can also be distributed to anyone in your organization.