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Food Pantry Gets new Storage Container

November 11, 2020

It fell apart each time it rained, “said volunteer manager Nycholee Conner, who has been in the pantry almost every day since it opened more than six weeks ago.” The unstable shelter caught the attention of neighbor Jason Smith, who happens to be a J&K Salvage operations manager, with its patchwork, taped repair. Matt Bray, manager of J&k Salvage, said, “They are doing a good thing for the world, and we thought we would do a good thing for them.” The number of pantry visitors has doubled to over 100 a day in the past month. “She’s put her heart and soul into this,” said pantry owner Jerry Pilachowski of the volunteer Conner, who has been working almost every day since the food pantry started in early April. I took my stimulus money and purchased shelves worth $1,200, “Pilachowksi said of buying pantry shelves with his stimulus money.” Within three days, the 40-by-8-foot container was shipped, positioned and levelled.